Some words from Inni-K on Track #2 ANAESTHETIC taken from new album ‘The Hare & the Line’

Some words from Inni-K on Track 2 'ANAESTHETIC' from her brand new album 'The Hare & the Line' out now! 
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"This song came together really nicely, it seemed to have a west African feel from the beginning I guess inspired by Malian music I love - Tinariwen, Toumani Diabate (who I incredibly got to play with in Cork Opera House some years ago) & Ali Farka Touré. I love Seán Mac Erlaine's transporting solo clarinet in the middle, Patrick O Laoghaire (I Have A Tribe)'s backing vocals and all the musicians grooving along. I look forward to playing this one live!

‘Anaesthetic’ describes the experience of waking up from being under general anaesthetic & the weirdness, relief & simplicity of the first sight of a drop of rain on the window overlooking a very normal afternoon rain soaked Dublin street: 
“I’m coming back into the picture, 
I’m coming back to the day
I’m coming back into the picture
I was away when the clouds made the rain” 

From Hot Press Magazine review:
"A particular highlight is ‘Anaesthetic’, the central refrain of which paints a vivid picture: “Double-decker crawls around a corner in the Dublin afternoon rain/ Everything is busy”. 

Inni-K - vocals, electric guitar
Brian Walsh - drums & percussion, piano
Caimin Gilmore - double bass
Donal Gunne - electric guitar
Seán Mac Erlaine - clarinet
Alex Borwick- acoustic guitar
Patrick O'Laoghaire (I Have A Tribe) - backing vocals

Recorded & Produced by Alex Borwick

Enjoy the song & let us know what you think:

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Some words from Inni-K on Track #1: 'The Hare & the Line' title track of her new album out now!

"I had been thinking a lot about how we assign value to women in our society, often for reasons other than her inherent worth as a human being herself first and foremost. The question came 'how do you define her'? but it became clear through the process of writing the song that the deeper question I had was 'how do I define her'?

One day the image & words 'Give the hare the line to run with free & wild' came to me. It just felt like a huge relief in that moment to throw away the 'line' - the weight & restriction of the line we put around ourselves and to give it to the hare to run with free and wild. 

I really love the concept we have of Cúinne' an Ghiorria - the Hare's Corner - the tradition of leaving a field-corner uncut, for animals to escape into - a place of refuge. You could see it also as leaving more wild, untamed space in our lives for the unknown and unexpected."

'The Hare & the Line' is the title track of Inni-K's new album out now! 

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