Some words from Inni-K on Track #1: 'The Hare & the Line' title track of her new album out now!

"I had been thinking a lot about how we assign value to women in our society, often for reasons other than her inherent worth as a human being herself first and foremost. The question came 'how do you define her'? but it became clear through the process of writing the song that the deeper question I had was 'how do I define her'?

One day the image & words 'Give the hare the line to run with free & wild' came to me. It just felt like a huge relief in that moment to throw away the 'line' - the weight & restriction of the line we put around ourselves and to give it to the hare to run with free and wild. 

I really love the concept we have of Cúinne' an Ghiorria - the Hare's Corner - the tradition of leaving a field-corner uncut, for animals to escape into - a place of refuge. You could see it also as leaving more wild, untamed space in our lives for the unknown and unexpected."

'The Hare & the Line' is the title track of Inni-K's new album out now! 

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